How to get and use casino bonuses

Casino bonus

Rules of turning casino bonuses into cash

If you google internet-based casinos, you are bombarded with attractive initial offers. All those generous amounts and multiple bonuses make it look like free cash is abundant and ready for collection. There seem to be hundreds and even thousands of dollars!

However, do not be mislead. Whatever rewards, you are offered, they will be associated with certain restrictions. If you fail to study the small print, you may end up losing your funds just as quickly. Follow these tips to collect your winnings successfully.

Rule #1. Patience

This may be called the ultimate winner’s secret. You may have to jump through a number of hoops before finally being able to cash out. It is best to make modest bets and do so often, as you can even out the odds more easily. Basically, this means your chances of freeing up the “free money” are higher.

A common mistake is making maximum wagers from the very start. If you jump straight in, you are likely to make a loss. Only smart play can help you beat the house and withdraw that “free” money.

Rule #2. Examine the conditions

Although this document may be lengthy and tedious to look through, it is key. Some of the aspects you will see there are crucial for any player. First, it is the so-called “wagering requirement”. Basically, it determines how much you are obliged to bet as to be able to withdraw your bonus cash together with profit.

Look for a figure of 40x (40 times your bonus amount) or lower. For illustration, imagine depositing $100, which gives you an extra $100 as a bonus. With a 20x wagering requirement, you will have to make $2,000 worth of bets.

Rule #3. Expiry period

This could make things tricky. If you are only given a week to reach that wagering requirement, you are unlikely to complete the task. In essence, this means you may never be able to use that attractive bonus money.

Rule #4. Which games are included?

Most rewards will only be linked to certain games, so be careful. You may end up spending a lot on blackjack, but still, be unable to collect your bonus money as the playthrough count will remain at zero. On the other hand, certain games may cost less in terms of meeting the requirement, as they generally provide higher chances for players. For instance, they may only give 10 or 20% of your wager towards your target.

Rule #5. Choose games wisely

If roulette is your only passion, you had better choose an operator that counts at least a portion of your bets towards the wagering requirement. As a rule, 20% is a good share. However, in general, table games require much more perseverance if you need to pay your bonus through. Slot games are an easier option, especially with RTP above 97%, at least one bonus round or free spin.

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