How to get and use casino bonuses

Casino bonus

Best ways to use online casino bonuses

Nowadays, gambling platforms use a myriad of rewards to incentivize users. The longer you play, the bigger and more varied the benefits. As a newbie, you will usually be offered all sorts of welcome rewards, such as no-deposit rewards or free spins. Later on, you may be rewarded by monthly reload options or exclusive high roller rewards. The question is, how should you use those offers? Follow this advice to avoid confusion and stress.

Giving money away

This reward is offered for the first deposit regardless of its size. For illustration, you may get $80 for a minimum amount of $20. Hence, if you deposit $60, you still get $80. Therefore, paying less – $20 – means getting more for your money – i.e., 400%.

Matching deposits

Once you make a deposit, the operator may match it with a certain percentage. For instance, you may be offered a 100% match bonus up to $200. Therefore, you will receive an extra 100% on any deposit amount lower than or equal to $200. For $100 of your money, there will be a $100 reward (a $200 bankroll), while $150 will give you additional $150 ($300 bankroll), but $400 will only bring $200 ($600 bankroll).

No deposit required

This most basic form of rewards means that once you create an account, the casino provides extra cash to spend on gambling. As the name suggests, you do not have to place a deposit to be eligible. Some sites will credit such rewards to your account automatically, or you will need to first claim it – via email or website form.

As for applicable restrictions, these could refer to the highest possible reward, as well as the max sum you could get in cash. You may also be required to make a token deposit before seeing real money.

The playthrough indicator

First and foremost, focus on the limitations linked to each type of rewards. For instance, free spins will apply to certain games only, while other options could only be used with a certain amount of wagers. There could be an online calculator to help you.

Here is an example (numbers vary): you are required to play your deposit + bonus 20x before cashing out. The 20x figure shows how many times a user has to play this extra money through. Thus, when you deposit $100 and receive another $100 from the house, you will need to wager this $200 at least 20 times – thus making $4000 worth of bets overall – before collecting what you have won.

Moreover, some games will definitely be excluded from this scheme. Hence, for instance, if you have wagered $10.000 on blackjack overall, you could be unable to collect your winnings. The total playthrough would still stand at 0. Of course, some operators do allow you to play it with rewards, but requirements are normally much higher than usual.

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